Type-Specimen_Hand Stamp Slab Serif Rough_by-Typo-Graphic-Design_Riso_5275
Type Specimen | Booklet | Hand Stamp Slab Serif Rough | Riso Print

🇩🇪 16-seitiges Schriftmuster Booklet »Hand Stamp Slab Serif Rough«.
Rough und umweltfreundlich in Fluorescent Orange + Black mit Risografie auf rauhes Feinstpapier gedruckt. Gestaltung: Typo Graphic Design ■ Manuel Viergutz Typeface: Hand Stamp Slab Serif Rough Format: 148 mm B × … Read More

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Folding Card | Typeface Plak from A to Z | Hand Stamped | ORIGINAL PRINT

Just choose your favorite characters from A–Z + ä + fi + ö + !

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