FONT | no Culture NO Soul

    ➡︎ Just click on the font name to type 😉   🇬🇧   The typeface No Culture No Soul is designed from 2021–2022 for the font foundry Typo Graphic Design by Luise Herke × Manuel Viergutz as a … Read More

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FONT | Rough Stamp Times

    ➡︎ Just click on the font name to type 😉   🇬🇧 The typeface Rough Stamp Times is designed from 2016–2022 for the font foundry Typo Graphic Design by Manuel Viergutz. The display font based on the original … Read More

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Type Specimen | Typo Poster | Typo Ping Pong #1 | Riso Print | Misprint + Unikat

Das Schriftmuster »Typo Ping Pong #1 Misprint + Unikat« zum Collabo-Projekt von Typo Graphic Design × Luise Herke als Riso Poster. Gestaltung: Typo Graphic Design ■ Manuel Viergutz Schrift: Typo Ping Pong #1 Format: 29,7 cm B × 42 cm … Read More

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Typo Illustration Poster | I + P Trajan | Riso Print | Misprint + Unikat

🇺🇸 English: The handmade Typo-Illustration with over 180 letter variants, is printed eco-friendly with Risography of uncoated 175g/qm from Metapaper (Finepaper FSC + PEFC) warmwhite, extrarough in Berlin, Germany. Design: ■ Manuel Viergutz Size: 42 H x 29,7 B … Read More

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